Rich Krafka Family Suffolks and Krafka Harkema Suffolks


Culham & Stevens 1726H RR/NN
Born 1/19/05 Twin


Sired by a Michigan State University (MSU) son of "Lonesome" a historic weaning weight trait leader, and dammed by a Culham & Stevens daughter of "High Plains" 00105, this ram packs pounds.

Weighing 420 pounds at 19 months of age prior to his first breeding season in our flock, "Warhawk" added width of top and depth of leg to our already long-bodied, fast-gaining "Flawless" and "King Kinser" daughters.

Post-weaning (120-day) EPD +6.7 pounds
Weaning (60-day) EPD +3.5 pounds
Number born EPD +1.7
Total maternal EPD +2.5

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