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Tom Burke Suffolks 417/RR/NN
Born 3/1/04, Triplet RR NN


This was Rich's pick of the 2005 Tom Burke lamb crop, selected for his hindsaddle and tremendous thickness, length and depth of loin, and exceptional natural leg muscle. His power-packed pedigree features some of the best names in the breed, sired by "Cracker Jack" Peifer Suffolks 1140, the 2004 National Champion Ram and a son of Peifer's "Stroker Ace."

Any way you look at him and his offspring, this ram sires muscle.

We're using a great son of JRR as a sire of our 2006 lamb crop, so JRR is now for sale privately. Contact us for details.

Post-weaning (120-day) EPD: +2.7
Weaning weight (60-day) EPD: +1.6

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