Rich Krafka Family Suffolks and Krafka Harkema Suffolks


Krafka Harkema OR 6048 RR/NN
Born 2/14/06 Twin


Dammed by a Buckeye Acres "Elvis" daughter we purchased from Jim Van Dyke of South Dakota, this beautiful-headed, correct, heavy-boned, long-bodied ram and his identical twin, "Elwood" were both used as ram lambs. "Eddie" combines the best of both as one of THE top-gaining growth sires in the Suffolk breed of 2006 at a phenomenal +9.8 pounds in post-weaning expected progeny difference (EPD), and tremendous visual appeal, placing sixth in his class in his only showring appearance at the nation's largest open Suffolk Show, the 2006 Iowa State Fair.

Our sheep are honest-aged and honestly represented. No fleece jobs or fudging about birthdates or growth rates here. Just honest results because we believe in producing and selling the best. We're pleased with the arrival of the first lamb crops sired by "Eddie" and "Elwood," two great sons of "Flawless."

We'll keeping their offspring and will be consigning "Eddie" or "Elwood" to the Iowa Hawkeye Sale August 18 in Des Moines, or the Center of the Nation NSIP sale in Spencer, Iowa August 4.

Post-weaning (120-day) EPD +9.8
Weaning (60-day) EPD +5.3
Number born EPD +2.9
Total maternal EPD +3.1

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